Bottling Experts

Was founded by joining forces of two well-established companies providing services in the bottling industry.

2012 Opening office in Santo Domingo

2017 Opening office in USA

2019 Opening office in Mexico


Bottling Experts originated after years of industry experience from our partners. Starting in the year 2012 as an affiliated service provider, and after undergoing some restructuring, it now operates with enough industry knowledge to execute any industrial project. 

In the year 2017 BEXP officially opens its international office in the United States, and prepares to offer the most reliable support to the packaging and beverage industry. Focusing on safety, technical knowledge and delivering cost effective solutions to final clients and equipment manufacturers. 

In 2019, BEXP Mexico opens  as a strategic regional office to complement our comprehensive industrial engineering services for line installations, relocations, retrofits and maintenance of packaging machines. Covering South America and Central America with flexible mobility, and guaranteeing your project success. 

Area of Operations

Bottling Experts delivers superior talent to the following industries:

  • Brewery industry
  • Soft drink industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Water bottle industry
  • Power plant industry
  • Packaging industry

Working with us

The benefits of choosing Bottling Experts include:

  • Most competitive rate in the industry
  • Proper documentation, visas & insurance
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards in the industry
  • In-hand necessary tools and equipment
  • Direct and open multi-language communication
  • Vast Technical Knowledge 
  • Reduced fixed employee costs

Company Structure


  • Technical performance and high quality service
  • Industry Focus
  • Global Reach 
  • Delivery and Consistency 


  • Product Manufacturers
  • OEM
  • Integrators
  • Equipment Resellers
  • Engineering Firms


  • Skilled and determined
  • Multilingual
  • Well Equipped
  • Global mobility


  • Project Management
  • Health & safety
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Time and Cost Management


Martijn Buijs

Martijn Buijs

Managing Director

“Our focus is rooted in the preparation of our technicians, their success translates into delivering  projects and satisfied customers.”


– Martijn B.

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